Australian band, Colorful Blac was conceived when Bobz met Candy. It was July 2003 in Singapore. The two philosophical spirits sparked off and as they begun uncovering each others' dedication to singing, writing and finding universal harmony, the deal was sealed. Bobz returned to Australia shortly but by the time winter and fall has passed he had returned to oversee Colorful Blac's steady succession playing alongside top music entertainers in Singapore's live circuit by year end. 


Back then, Bobz also ran a small music recording business in the CBD outskirts. Candy would assist him with his jobs and after hours they would discuss and practice show performance techniques together till late into the night. They would also make time to dream about writing an album and the type of songs and sounds to have. They met up everyday and pretty much lived it like that.


By 2005 they had decided it’s time to move back to Australia with Bobz. Now at the time, Asian performers outside of community performances in Australia were virtually unheard of so despite their proven track record as gifted performers, they were prepared to go through the long humbling process to make their way up from back down at the bottom. They knew that it would be impossible to shove their brand into public acceptance, especially when they’re in a new town and the brand they offer is unheard of. They understood that in any marketplace, quality products unfamiliar to locals will often be faced with skepticism and sooner be abandoned if not endorsed. So Bobz introduced Candy to a performer’s life of another extreme - his former life in fact - to busking. It is partly out of necessity, and mostly he would encourage her, “this is where we truly connect with people.” And they both agreed.

For the next 10 years they became traveling bohemians performing on the streets, moving from town to town living in extreme and strange environments - tiny granny flats, converted shopfronts, store rooms, broken down vans - just experiencing people and sharing many enriching stories from all walks of life. They work hard, they have enough and they never spend what they don’t have. And unless it was vital to a moment in their story telling, they never spoke about their past. 

They lived and traveled through various cities around Australia. What they felt and experienced they discussed, debated and experimented over and over. Then after all is exhausted, they would pen it down and await the appropriate time to record it in music and song. Many times they would also return with new information to refine the songs and they would keep at this for as long as it takes. And in time, where the storing and restoring of stories makes a good story-teller, this became their lifework.

The entirety of these experiences is where they realize their dream of musical and universal harmony. Today, they perform at pristine establishments and still continue to perform on the streets. Together, they have compiled hundreds of these life stories in songs. If you would like to hear these stories, buy a CD or make a donation below to support Colorful Blac in completing their upcoming albums. They will both love you back and the universe will thank you for it!

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