1. Wake up

From the recording Light up

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Wake up

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Wake up

What’s going on?
Look at the state of the world today.
Take a real look at the games
And contemplate the way - the way we play
I think everybody’s got to pray the way
Way before they say
Cos' when the word becomes the deed
somebody’s always gotta pay

Everybody’s looking for fast cash, going on a mad dash
They’re riding on speed and speed soon leads to crash
But they don’t worry cos' all the money on surgery
That will keep 'em looking fresh
Maybe they’re thinking that’ll keep 'em ticking at their very best
That and maybe another 50 ounce of hash
So why you with bother 8 hours of rest

You got your eyes on the buckers and you got to make 'em fast
But you’re just another sucker and you really ain’t gonna last
We gotta wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
We gotta wake the .. uh uh uh up
We gotta wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
We gotta wake the .. uh uh uh up

What’s going on? Look what we done to the world today
Fear and absence of faith and the truth is quickly swept away
Speedy needs revolutionized and greedy deeds severing ties
All our questions followed by lies, the grand illusion has hollowed my eyes

Get rich quick! Is there such a thing?
If you eat too much, you’ll have problems keeping in
Mirror mirror,
How much excess can we stand to gain
from what we take in and all the time to maintain
But it’s not your fault you exclaimed
They sold you a dream that you’ve never ever imagine
coat it with problems and the fear of losing
then they offer you solutions that’ll cost you a living
To keep you safe they supply you arms
To keep you safe from imaginary harm
Where are the enemies? He’s got a beard
And I’m sure his name sounds kinda weird
Oh and while you’re here buying me arms
Would you like to look at these priceless charms
We’re really not a pyramid we’re MLM
And how about recruiting just 10 more friends?
They sell you pills and make you deals
But it’s subtly the bills, that really kills
Kill kill kill kill bill...it's the kill bill

Rap 2:
We got ourselves here, so there must be a way out
If you can’t see it clear, let me clear your doubt
Rid the greed, that’s what it’s all about
If you feel my speech, let me hear ya shout

To the rhythm of the earth just move your body
There's room in the world for everybody (Hey… )