1. Supergirl

From the recording Light up

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Hello! How’s your day?
And all the thing that’s coming your way
Tell me your dreams and all about your plans
If it’s fun like a run, then count me in

I’d rather to be lying in a pool of blue
Or a game in the sun would suit me fine
Maybe a trip up to the hills
Or a walk down the beach would be so divine

Cos I like it spacious
I like it relax
And oh! uninhibited acts
Take me a photograph
We’ll dress up and play
I’m your supergirl
let’s up and away yeah...

Hello! Have a wonderful day!
When the work is done, it’s time for play
I’ll get out of this shirt and wipe the sweat off your brows
Hop on my bike babe! let’s get outta here now

I’ve got my job and I’ve earned my pay
We’re taking it easy honey come what may
I’ve got a simple drive living a simple life
With a song on my lips… and baby you by my side

Sometimes it’s hard, baby I know
Well, just wait for the rain, and then I’ll show you the rainbow
Running wild, living free
Flower child, let it be
Do be do be do be…