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Ears to your heart

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Ears to your heart

You gotta listen to your heart
And really listen to how it feels
And you gotta hold on to your heart
Gotta hold it hold it hold it
till it's still...
And when you finally hear it's thoughts
You gotta let your thinking heal

So hold on to your heart and feel the love
Bright as the twinkle in the stars
Hold your ears to your heart and eyes above
Every beat you hear leads to love
And when you fall, don't let your feelin's fall apart
You gotta call, just dial that number to your heart

You gotta change the way ya all think (yes you do)
Gotta look past your shoulders and turn into the lights
see... see what is wrong and do the right thing
do it do it do it do it
till what is left (yeah) is outta sight(aah)
When you finally flow in time
You know you've let your thinking heal
(chorus x2)