1. Angel Boy

From the recording Light up

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Angel Boy

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Boy angel

Once there was a boy angel
He's so pretty and his eyes were bright
He's so fly, like the waves of the oceans wo-ooah

Ooo... I met this boy angel
With hands so soft
that held me to the light
Woah... my butterflies like bottles of love potion

With a kiss on my cheek, a wink and a wave
He touched my heart
And I'll never forget my angel boy
That's him next to my heart
My angel boy, angel boy
My angel boy, angel boy

Ooo Ooo Ooo... my little boy, angel
He's so bright, he light up the sky
Look how happy, he's happy as the sun
Now I'm happy as a boy angel
Cos' his philosophical blabber is enough to make me high
He makes me laugh and so we held hands and we run
(chorus x2)