1. Funk It

From the recording Light up

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Funk It

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Funk It

Stretch it, play it, put your pace into it
Articulate, don’t eye on it
Lay your lips down to it

Put your funk into it
Let your body sink into it
Gotta breathe it in... then breathe it out
Do it, do it

Life is simple, we all want peace
To know what’s right, to love and embrace
So let me lay it down infinity straight
This is how we do the figure 8
Rule no 1: we have the right to choose
Rule no 2: we do not intrude
It’s just that simple it’s a numbers game
The more your integrity the tighter you will aim

Dope that stress, catch a ride on the wave
If you lose that lead drop right on down to bass
Ask and you receive, seek and you will find
If it’s no, let it go, on to the next in line
Meander, take a number
To keep on movin on you gotta flow along
Take a side step, on the back slide
Spin around do your turn then you catch your ride

Seize the space, play it face to face
Ease your eyes to an inner space
Gotta see it clear, touch all bases
round off every phrase before you choose your vowels
Then you let it play
Whatever you want just give it a name
It’s yours to take but be careful what your game
One last advice is this little hint
Observe these rules and you’re playin' it to win
(chorus x2)

Bridge: If you gotta be smilling
You gotta be happy-happynin'
Say it like Shirley
I’m a-okie with silly cos I’m cool like J.D.
Turn it up turn it up who knows (you know it)
(chorus x2)