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Moment by moment

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Moment by moment

There are things I can achieve
if I put my heart and soul to it
All the songs I've heard in my youth
has left a clue for me to see
If I believe it then I can do it

Gonna do it moment by moment and step by step
Gonna leave my past behind and my future ahead
Gotta use 'em wisely to guide me and correct my mistakes
cos I believe... I believe it

Where is that someone that's gonna guide me
Where is that answer, they say it'll find me
But how many of us take the time to really listen
We pray and we pray everyday for the way but where's the patience
If we believe it, maybe they'll see it too

Sometimes you gotta be weak to be strong
if you truly believe in you
What does it matter who's right or wrong
if your faith can carry you through
If you believe it you can surely do it
(chorus x2)