1. Box me up

From the recording Light up

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Box me up

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Rub Dub Dub

I’m a writer philosopher I do what I want
Weave my magic spells wave my magic wand
I am a sinner, a healer, a wheeler dealer
But most of all I’m a believer
I can be a super star
Tell the tallest stories by far
Or I can be a quiet soul
Keep my nose out of all the dramas
Or I can be both
Like Peter or spiderman
I can be both
Clark kent alias superman
So they can

Box me up
We don’t give or duck
Rub a dub dub
We’ll rub it all off in a tub

Stayin' cool is the only tool
There’s a ten second rule so don’t be playin' the fool
Cos if you ain’t here, then you ain’t real
And if you ain’t real, you ain’t ready to deal
When Pop goes the bubble
No sweat no trouble
No fingers blamin' or schemin'
So that you know, you reap what you sow
Trust in your soul and hold on to the good you know
So they can…

Here’s an invitation into my world
It’s a bright red ribbon wrapped up in a curl
I got peripheral vision my eyes wide open
I can change location, vocation, introspection
I’m a boxful of options I’m infinite more
More more more more more

Some of us got bad history
And others been struck by poverty
Show me a boundary And by these very rules I will
Set you free
(chorus x2)